Canada’s foam machine and foam powder distributor

Foam Machine Canada specializes in the sale of foam machines and foam solutions. The perfect alternative to liven up children’s parties, festivals, obstacle races and any other fun-filled entertainment event!

Foam Machine in Canada, is dedicated to pushing the world of entertainment forward with foam bubble equipment that will delight all children, from toddlers to teens.

Foam Machine Canada’s foam machines and foam concentrates are designed for anyone who is interested in purchasing entertainment equipment: an inflatable game rental, an entertainment company, an early childhood centre, a school, a municipality, a summer camp and even someone who wants to offer unforgettable moments of fun to their children. Foam Machine Canada offers the finest of outdoor fun!

The FM-2 Foam Machine:
fun, powerful and easy to use

The FM-1 Foam Machine, designed and distributed in Canada by Foam Machine Canada, has all the features to make it an easy to use and enjoyable foam machine. With an average foam producing capacity of 300 cubic feet per minute, the FM-2 Foam Machine also features a water-resistant engine.

Foam Machine Canada’s FM-2 Foam Machine package includes:

  • Blower
  • Stable and sturdy foam machine stand
  • In line mixing device (A mininum water pressure of 35 psi is required)
  • Ten-foot connection hose

Tankless Foam Machine system

Only 5 gallons water bucket

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Foam Machine Canada’s foam powder is 100% organic


Foam Machine Canada offers foam products that are 100% organic, dye free, odourless, gentle on the eyes and on the skin. Approved by Health Canada, Foam Machine Canada’s foam solution for foam machines is hypoallergenic and does not pose any health hazard. The foam produced by our powdered concentrates does not stain and is quickly absorbed in the environment. Easier to use than foam gel or foam liquid, foam powder is also more economical.

Celebrations have never been so exciting and safe with Foam Machine Canada’s FM-2 Foam Machine and foam solutions!

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