Foam machine and foam solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the FM-2 foam machine does not require large tank?

Foam Machine Canada take the decision to sell a tankless, easy-to-carry device. To do so, we provide a feeding siphon that pumps the foaming solution into a 5-gallon bucket with one bag of powder previously diluted. Once the external valve is open to maximum, the foaming solution is siphoned to the device.


What does a minimum pressure of 25 psi mean?

To make siphon work properly, a minimum pressure of 25psi is required. An easy way to check this is to run the outside water tap. You must be able to fill the 2/3 of a 5-gallon bucket in one minute.


What is the difference between a large and a small foam machine?

Big machine produces big bubbles that burst quickly so the foam on ground does’nt last to long. A small machine produces small dense and resistant bubbles. The FM-2 foam machine sold on our site is the best compromise on the market. It produces a foam whose volume / density ratio is at its best.


Is the foam powder solution is safe?

Yes. Foam solution is bio-degradable, non-toxic, non- staining and hypoallergenic. This is completely safe for kids and adults.


Do you have colored foam powder?

No because the colors will lightly stains the clothes.


How long does a sachet of powder last?

One bag of powder mixed into a 5-gallon container will run the foam machine continuously for about 45 minutes. Normally, for a residential children’s party, we suggest 2 bags of powder for a whole afternoon. Customer will stop and start himself the machine certain time because there will be too much foam. It will alternate the operation of the device.


I already have a foam machine that works with a pump and a tank, does your foaming powder work the same?

Yes, it does, simply dilute a foam powder bag in your barrel of water and mix !


Which way should the foam machine be pointing?

The bag or net should be pointing horizontally towards designated area and preferably little tilted down.


Does the foam machine need to be elevated?

Yes, the machine needs to be elevated 5ft to 6ft. Shut off the machine when foam reaches desired height.


How long does shipping take?

Shipping by Canada Post can take 5 to 8 business days.