Foam machine sale and delivery in Canada

Foam Machine Canada has developed an expertise in the design, manufacture and sale of foam party machines, foam cannons and foam solutions for any outdoor festive event. Driven by the desire for a new challenge, Foam Machine Canada’s young team is pursuing the mission of providing safe and affordable entertainment equipment that will delight young and old alike.

Get people moving with a foam machine

Who can resist diving in foam at an outdoor summer party? The bubbles dazzle and delight everyone. Foam Machine Canada’s foam party machines are designed to provide pure fun at a variety of events: children’s parties, neighbourhood or municipal parties, obstacle races, treasure hunts and much more! Foam machines and foam cannons are popular in a variety of situations.

The participants of your events are sure to have fun and let loose in our foam solutions! Offering a safe foam machine that provides hours of fun is what motivates Foam Machine Canada’s team to keep on developing its expertise while maintaining a focus on quality and safety.